Youth (Year 7 - Year 12)

Fun. Mates. Football. This is where our Rhino Legends step up a gear - playing for premiership points; playing for each other; playing for their club; playing for fun. We mould our youth teams to enjoy their football, step up their skill level through training twice per week and engage with our community.

Games & Training:

  • Games played either on Friday Nights or Sundays (based on schedule set by WAFC)

  • Youth Girls play Friday nights

  • Friday nights are scheduled occasionally from 6pm, while  Sunday games are generally scheduled for mornings

  • Season is approx. 15 weeks in length commencing early May 2023

  • Games are home & away

  • Training times vary based on team. Click link for more details: Training Times - TBA

  • Training is conducted at John Reid Oval


  • Correct sporting attire is required for Youth Games and Training

  • Club supplies the game day Rhino guernsey

  • Club does not supply red socks, white shorts, boots & mouth guard .

  •  We encourage all our Rhino legends to wear a club polo shirt when attending games to feel apart of the Rhinos team & promote the Rhino spirit

  • The above mentioned items can be purchased at the Rhino Online Store


  • Mouth Guards are worn at the disgression of the parent/ guardian of participant. Forrestfield Football Club recommends the use of mouth guards for all participants.

  • Head Protection needs to be approved by the Swans District League. See your coach or contact the club for more info.


  • $170 plus $16.50 levy

  • Kids Sports vouchers are accepted however only cover registration fee's not uniforms

  • Registration must be made for club injury insurance to be accessed

  • If you are transfering from another club, you will need to submit a transfer to your previous club



The role of volunteers are pivital in helping our teams be successful, run smootly & allow our Rhino Legends to have a fun experience. We just need passionate people who want to help provide a positive culture around not oly our teams but our club as well. Roles will include the following:

  •  Coach's

  • Runner (Yr 4 and above)

  • Assistant Coach's

  • Water 

  • Team Manager

  • First Aid

  • Parent Umpire (Home Games)

  • Interchange

  • Goal Umpires

  • Setting up home game gazebo's

Rhinos Kitchen:

Open Gamedays from 5:00pm Friday nights & Sunday from 8:30am, the Rhino Kitchen is there to help eliminate your early morning coffee craving, grab a Rhino Burger or just to feed your rhino legend after a game!